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How do you get people to remember you? The answer to this question is by Name. You may think that your five or six letters name doesn’t holds importance but actually it does. It is your name that helps people to know you and it is this very thing which makes you unique. Because of such significance, individuals spend lot of time in deciding the name, whether it’s their child name, business name or even the website as well. They want to make sure that they choose the certain name which is catchy and easy to remember.

It might be easier to choose the name for your child and business, but same cannot be said about the website name or domain. Because they are literally millions of websites which have domains similar to yours and you don’t want to copy them because it is violation of copyrights. So how to ensure that you choose the domain name which is different and easy to remember? Luckily there is a solution to solve this problem by using the Domain name generator.

Domain name generator is tool which helps you to pick the domain name by presenting you with numerous suggestions, which ever you like the best; you can take it as your domain name. It is easy to use, just go to domain logo generator website and type the keywords, within seconds you will have unlimited range of names to choose from. But another problem arises; which domain name generator to use? Below are list of top five domain generators which are;

1. Domainr
here in this domain name generator, all you need to do is type the keywords and within seconds you will have the list of domain name to choose from. The best thing about Domainr is that it already tells you which domain names are available by the highlighting in colour green.

2. Domain Puzzler
this tool searches for domain in a different way. Different in such way that it gives you options in selecting the search modes that will be used in creating the domain name, easy mode, advanced mode and magic mode. If you just want to know if the domain name is available, use easy mode. If you want the unique domain name which is the combination of both keywords and other words, then use advanced mode. And if you want domain name to be something that someone has never heard of, use the magic mode.

3. Namestation
Namestation also uses the combination of keywords and other alternative names to develop the domain. But what makes this domain name generator unique is that it holds contest where you can crowd source your domain name. In other words, people competing in this contest will decide the name for domain.

4. Domainhole
you want to run the blog but you are not sure which keywords will stand out, not to worry, domain hole has got your back. You just need to select the length of the name and top level domain in search bar and within minutes you will get ideas for domain.

5. Namemesh
Namemesh makes the use of categorising features in creating the domain name. This domain generator tool doesn’t stop at suggesting the domain from keywords but instead it also suggest which domain names are taken, which domain names should you pick if you are looking for SEO type etc.

Some of them might have flings but this shouldn’t stop you from using any of these domain name generators. On the contrary, there are lot of benefits of using domain name generators.
One, you will get ideas for your domain name without hassle. Two it saves your valuable time and energy. Three, these domain name generators offers you unlimited domain names to choose from, so there is no danger of violating any copyrights. Therefore, make use of the domain name generator and avail the benefits of it.

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