As a Canadian, you may like to migrate your hosting to the cloud. Unlike other web hosting options, cloud hosting enhances the flexibility of your website. You also experience limited cases of downtime as your site is stored on different servers. The cloud option enhances the website speed. As you might be aware, the location of a website server determines how long it will take to load.

For instance, a person accessing a website with servers in Canada while in South Africa, it takes longer to load compared with one whose servers are in that country. However, moving to the cloud attracts security fears. As such you need due diligence before subscribing to services of a cloud hosting provider. Here are the top three Canadian cloud web hosting providers:

If you are seeking a provider who will ensure your site is secure and the privacy of your data is enhanced, can make sense to you. The provider offers you encryption services where you secure your data making it hard for a third party to access them. Also, the cloud is more of an external disc than a cloud platform. As such, you are certain that no unauthorized parties or hackers can reach out to your site. Hence, if you want to stay safe and have a peace of mind while your website is running on cloud servers, then can be a good option.


Another cloud hosting option for Canadians is the cacloud. This company is based in Toronto.  The provider offers business and individual hosting services. The best thing about this provider is that they make moving to cloud easier with 24/7 premium support service to help you out. Also, if you are processing credit cards online, you do not have to worry. Cacloud provides encryption options that ensure your online transactions are secure. Hence, no cases of cyber frauds can happen on your site or online store.

Radiant Communications

Cacloud and may not be the best option for you. Either you do not like their services or are beyond your budgets. In any of the cases or another, you can turn to Radiant Communications. This company understands your need for security and reliability on your cloud-hosted website.

In this essence, they ensure that you always enjoy hosting services that are up to your standard and in line with your expectations. Notably, the company has been in operation for the last 17+ years meaning it is well-equipped with knowledge on the cloud desires of both individual and businesses.

With this information, you now know where to go if you are seeking Canadian cloud hosting providers that are reliable and enhancing your data security.

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